Our Rewarding Team Excursions

Travel is an important element of the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. development approach. We enjoy all kinds of chances to broaden our horizons by getting away from work as a team, including trips to other successful offices. Steve, our company’s President, explained, “These group outings offer a wealth of benefits, all of which emerge from acquiring a different perspective of what’s possible in our industry.”
Venturing out of New Jersey for a while to network and learn always gives us a quick energy boost. We come back to the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. office freshly inspired to tackle new challenges on behalf of the brands we promote.
Steve remarked, “We all work toward the same goal in our industry, but it’s always interesting to see how other offices function and reach their objectives. These trips are great learning experiences for our associates. They learn how to use novel approaches to increase their productivity on the job.”
Expanded networks are also positive outcomes of our visits to other successful offices. We forge alliances with peers and top managers when we venture away from home. Just knowing that we have valuable new sources of advice and helpful insights makes each excursion worthwhile.
We definitely look forward to our next chance to hit the road as a team. Like Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Facebook to receive updates on all our travel events.

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