Educational Team Excursions Fuel Our Success


As members of Team Fortis Enterprises, Inc., we enjoy all kinds of enlightening travel options. We attend leadership conferences, networking events, and even retreats to exotic locales, all of which offer great learning and networking potential. Steve, our company’s President, added, “Of all the trips we take, visits to other high-performing offices might be the most valuable.”
When we head out to other successful offices in different markets, it’s always a great experience. Although we all aim for the same end goals, there are so many approaches we can apply to reach our objectives. “It’s interesting to see other top performers in action,” Steve remarked. “When we come back to the Fortis Enterprises, Inc. office, we have fresh inspiration to streamline our own processes and get closer to our most ambitious targets.”
Traveling with colleagues also leads to better teamwork around our office. We learn so much about each other when we attend diverse industry events, including key traits and skill sets we might not get to see during our normal workdays. Steve noted, “With greater respect for each other’s unique talents, our associates are better equipped to combine their abilities toward big wins. Our national service partners reap rewards from our business trips in the process.”
Our excursions help set the tone for success throughout our workspace. Follow Fortis Enterprises, Inc. on Twitter for updates on our team travel events.

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